Robust tools make travel simple
before and after you book.

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Trippin' on cool tools

Cleartrip for Business is equipped with a powerful array of management tools to support you after your bookings are done.
Get ready to get organised.

  • Instant notifications: Trip notifications are automatically sent via email and SMS. Additional notifications can also be sent at any time by all users.
  • Automated refunds: No more long-drawn reimbursement processes. The centralised payment mechanism of Cleartrip for Business automatically refunds failed bookings.
  • Always in sync: Personal and group travel calendars can be automatically synchronised with your favourite calendar application. Subscribe to the travel calendar and let it do your work.
  • Paper-free preferred: Download paperless copies of your airline and train tickets, hotel vouchers and invoices online. If you must have it on paper, just hit ‘Print’.
  • Your timekeeper: Every booked trip is displayed on a standardized online iCalendar supported by Apple, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others.
  • Online cancellations: Business travel plans change often, Cleartrip for Business lets you cancel your trip online in an instant.
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Cleartrip for Business - making business travel simple